handmade journals

every year for Camp Dovewood i have started a new tradition for myself that i make my campers something special to remember camp with. last year i made them ribbon bookmarks with Proverbs 31:30

for this year i am doing something different! i am making my campers journals. now i am going to show you the easy step by step way to make a very cute personalized journal in no time at all!


-composition notebook

-piece of paper

-old magazine and printed out words to cut and paste on the paper

-hot glue gun and glue stick

mod podge – the glossy or sparkly: MAKE SURE IT SAYS GLOSSY! this will give your project a finished look and seal the collage in place

first you will start with just the small piece of paper which you can cut according to the size of the journal, but leave room around the corners to assure it will fit and stay properly. also, you will need to find a verse or saying that will look cute for the outside.

all you have to do is just glue the different cut outs onto the paper and select how you want the words to go and its a masterpiece! i would suggest cutting out different patterns with similar color schemes, also i liked when the words looked like a puzzle. below are two other examples of different ways to do the words:

your last step is to apply the mod podge! its very easy, don’t use too much all you need is enough to cover the whole paper and slightly over the sides onto the notebook to make sure your collage sticks. you can take your sponge or brush and create different textures depending on how you want the finished project to look.


then you are done! you have successfully created a work of art for friends or loved ones. this is a very simple project that you can use similar techniques on bigger ones, i will give you a preview of a large map i am decoupaging (thats what this technique is called), heres the preview of africa!






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