designing a room

today i am designing a room for my friend charlotte. she loves this bed spread from urban outfitters. so today i will be planning a room around it!

urban outfitters – $79

the first thing to do is to look at the color palette and pull out the colors that would look best for the details of the room. the three main colors would be blue (with green and teal underlayers), pink (also including orange) and yellow. you now can choose two of the colors to combine. there are several options: pink and yellow, blue and pink and blue and yellow. just for kicks, lets choose the blue and yellow.

to start off i would find a great rug that will compliment the room, but not overtake it. especially with the bold comforter a simple rug is best. by just going to walmart you can get an inexpensive rug for just $20

next is some furniture! i would go with a white antique look — which can get expensive, but once you buy a nice piece of furniture you can change the finish to match the room and keep it for a long time. but ideally, you can find great pieces of furniture at garage sales if you just hunt for them!

i would paint the walls a creme color with yellow undertone. i like to give attention to other areas so the walls are just a canvas for the rest of the room.

pbteen $129

for a cheaper (yet more time consuming alternative) you can read this great tutorial which turned out to look like this:this room also shows several things i would recommend. i love the heart on the wall. i have an example of it in one of my first posts, i love it! the yellow throw would be great with the urban outfitters bedspread as well.

we’re almost done.

now for wall decor! peacocks are one of charlottes favorites so its exciting to find a peacock wall hooks (the middle one), initials in a fun pattern and a nice big mirror to pull the room together–

hope you enjoy this post. 🙂


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