tea parties!

if you have little girls in your family, or you just want to throw a tea party.. everyone wants it to be successful. well my mom has a check list and many tea party books for assurance when the guests start to come.

the first thing that comes out is the lace table cloth and doilys — and then the china.

the rest of the table wouldn’t come together without some color! hence the fresh flowers and colorful fruit arrangement.

the theme was celebrating SUMMER so the food menu was as follows: strawberries, pineapple, cheese, grilled cheese, cucumber and creme cheese sandwiches (in flower and butterfly shapes), salad, and 3 different types of cookies: little school boy cookies, shortbread cookies, and meringue.

the best part of a tea party is the people you spend it with. when my aunt and all my cousins come down my mom makes it a point to have a tea party and it has been a fun tradition — so much so thats all my little cousin talks before they come!

those memories will never be forgotten and i love all that tea parties express.. the family ties, the classy table, the good food, the chic china, and the colorful flowers and faces around the table.


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