bringing interior design to MY life!

you get to see my room now!

this is the beginning — just wait 🙂 the walls to the house are a nice tan color and now i get to fill it with the cutest shabby chic/coastal/antique stuff! its my favorite thing ever. im obsessed with my room.


so overwhelming!

me and my brother spent 3 hours putting my desk together, it was quite a journey.

don’t they look like they were made for each other? well i got them both separately and just added the matching nobs. it makes me so happy! it ties my room instead of buying a whole new ottoman i just reupholtered it in a pattern that matches my room 🙂

this is the finished product! i love it 🙂

this is my plain wall! –just wait!

THIS IS THE FINISHED ROOM! I still have several small additions, but for the most part this is it! are you ready?

enjoy everyone. – my next blog will be about how i made everything the way it is!



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2 responses to “bringing interior design to MY life!

  1. Anonymous

    So innovative! Your room really came to life

  2. Rhonda

    Looks amazing! You really know how to pull everything together.

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