how to create my wall

im obsessed with the world.. its just something that i love with all of my heart and so naturally i want it on my wall to remind me everyday to pray for the nations.

honestly, my wall was created by simple means. all that was needed was some old magazines, paper and a glue stick. i just collaged the cut up magazines together on a piece of paper that was cut into the shape of each continent.

i wanted the quote for my wall to be simple and impactful. of course something about service. so when i heard this one i knew it was the one! im a firm believer in wall words so i placed my order and just layed it out the way i wanted on the wall.

i stapled the world on the wall so they would stay up and not fall down, so after i move out i will just spackle the wall so it will look as good as new.


i hope yall enjoy this! here are some more pictures of the wall!

i put up curtains so it looks better now! i will include those pictures in the next couple days.

TOMORROW: will be the day i will feature how i have fixed things to make them better and more attractive! i hope you guys enjoy these.


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