personal day of the bear, sic em!

this post is pretty much just a fun one to show y’all that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, with a little bit of glue and whole lot of prayers you can succeed 🙂

so since im crafty, one of my guy friends decided i was good enough to fix his huge bear rug. when i got home there were pretty flowers on the counter for our whole house from them which was super sweet

however, the way he told me this was by strategically placing it on my bed without telling me so when i walked into my room this is what i saw:

which was quite terrifying! but as you can see the fabric is all disconnected from the bear so he figured i could sew it together – which probably would have broken my sewing machine but i saw some left over glue from where it was glued together before. so thats what i did! here are some pictures of the adventure

beforemy no makeup work day 🙂 it was a lot of fun to glue it together and not that hard at all but the end product looked very well put together and as good as new!

as you can see of this picture of my roommate corinne modeling the bear, it looks great!


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