interior design classes!

so as you all know i am an interior design student and all my classes are incredible!

im in 3 interior design classes:

history of interiors: which is so cool learning about all of the antiques and how interiors have changed over time. love it already!

drafting: i am learning how to draw out plans and use my t-square and all the cool tools i have. i am so excited to visualize everything. its awesome, my teacher is so awesome and so passionate about us learning all about the industry.

fundamentals in interior design: i will be learning all about rooms and the different characteristics they have. such as the lines of the room and the patterns and textures. i will be doing lots of projects in this class and its going to be incredible! i cannot wait! im looking forward to it all.

last but not least for you mission people — i am taking swahili this semester also and learning how to speak and read and its so cool! hujambo

hope you guys enjoyed my post!


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heres a picture for the road 🙂


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  1. Rhonda

    Keep up the good work. You are so creative!

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