Why I kept my $16 Walmart bookcase

As I excitedly put my bookcase together, I was seeing the future – a big library one day, to house all my design books by authors who inspire me and then I looked at it. This bookcase seemed great on the front of the box… 29.6″ W x 11.6″ D x 31.6″ H with two adjustable shelves. However, these shelves were not as adjustable as expected and cannot even adjust to a way that can hold an 11″ book.. let alone any of my books. This was so frustrating to me! I may have only paid $16, but Walmart I expected more!

As I have been researching about Greene and Greene and their profound knowledge and care for woodworking and craftsmanship I felt utterly distraught. I pay high prices for my amazing design books and in this season of life need to live with a $16 bookcase (Greene and Greene would be disappointed, but I’m sure they would understand), so of course in my time of distress I went to Target and got a $17 bookcase.

Don’t worry, I am sitting typing this as the Target bookcase is sitting in the car- because I decided to keep my original bookcase. In this year of transition I have sold all my furniture and I am living with Kelsi and Anne Marie at Kelsi’s grandparent’s house as I finish up my last three design classes and I realized… This is where I am in my life and as a young designer I can make it work, and be very happy in the process.

So here is my journey of figuring out how to use a particle board bookcase and invest in the books and not the bookcase. In other news, who knew that design books I have been drooling over -Amazon has for .01? I may or may not have left space for them….


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3photo 5


photo 4photo 2-3 photo 3-2



xoxoxoxoxo A


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