Hello Blog World,

I am going to start blogging again, new posts will come out most Thursdays! I will start my first “back to blogging” post with some of my favorite things. If I was in Sound of Music I would make up a catchy tune… but instead I will spell it out for you.

unnamed (3)1. Peacock chairs – you can find these on craigslist, estate sales or as you drive by a mound of furniture on the side of the road (where my mom thinks they belong). I have had a fascination with peacock years for about 4 years now and I am now the proud owner of a family of chairs- small, medium and large. Their construction and detail intrigues me. // 2. Rifle Paper Co. is the BEST. I am incredible delighted to now live in Winter Park, FL- home of their flagship store. I have been following Rifle Paper Co. since 2011 and the amount of growth and quality creativity that has come out of their shop is mind blowing. They are everything to strive for as a creative and entrepreneur. Find this floral/gold/calligraphic genius of a card here.  // 3. Thimblepress glitter confetti- that is all. // 4. Brass pineapples are my favorite color/symbol/texture/fruit all wrapped into one. You can find these on Etsy and hidden behind other treasures in antique shops. I prefer the patina on vintage brass, but this new brass pineapple can be found here. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality. // 5.  Gel manicure kit– best investment I have ever made. I will be doing a tutorial later on the blog. // 6. Gray Malin. Incredibly talented photographer. I dream to one day have a collection, we will see.

Cheers! What are your favorite things?

xoxo – A


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