Jimmy Fallon slipped on a rug in his kitchen and almost lost a finger.. Read at your own risk, reader discretion is advised. Please always buy a rug pad. 

1. The dark floors of this kitchen perfectly contrast the bright red oriental rug that fills the room and bright white cabinets. The rug makes this kitchen extra special and brings a sense of home to a space that would be stark without it. 


2. The lightness of this room as a whole illuminates the rug SO BEAUTIFULLY. The juxtaposition of the oriental rug in a modern kitchen is my favorite. The coloration of this rug is spot on- the peach vs. typical red undertones really makes it pop! 


3. BRIGHT PINK RUG. Do I really have to say more? Well this rug leaves me speechless trying to scrounge around the Internet trying to find one just like it.. and to pair it with mint cabinetry is daring, unexpected and could not be more unique. Love the spunk and personality of this kitchen. 


4. Emily Henderson can do no wrong (one of my self proclaimed design mentors). Everything from the dark lower cabinetry to the detailed light flooring is design perfection. The rug pulls the room together in a way no other design element could. Perfect use of negative space. 


5. This small kitchen would not be nearly as warm and inviting without the rug and drop dead cabinet color. The rug in the space distinguishes it from the rest of the room and brings that extra oomph to a small space. 


If you have a kitchen in your house, buy a vintage rug for it and people will party longer and smile bigger (results may vary). 


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