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Leaf Perfection

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.

1. The Greenbrier decorated originally by Dorothy Draper then redone by Carlton Varney with Brazillance Wallpaper // 2. Nikky Hilton’s Beverly Hill dining room // 3. // 4.

Tropical leaves make my heart super happy. Whether used in event or home design leaves WIN. Bringing in nature is incredibly soothing as well as just plain fun. Banana leaves and palm trees have such a simplicity, yet complexity to them. Looking from far away the wisps of their fronds make an impact- close up the details stand out. Enjoy some of my favorite tropical leaf inspiration. Where do you like to design with leaves? 

Remember to look up and take in their beauty! 


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Before I have a permanent boy roommate, I will be sharing my duplex in Winter Park, Florida for your viewing. Sometimes you just need to light all your candles, take out your camera and snap some photos.

Special Moments//Reading Nook//

Butterflies – I procured these during my travel to the Peruvian Amazon roughly between the ages of 13-16. Once hanging above my teenage ned they overheard many sleepover secret about dream boys, dream careers and dream lives. They now found a home in my new place where they can now witness all of those hushed words between girlfriends come true. Just like these butterflies, Peru holds a special place in my heart and I hope to travel for missions again to this beautiful country. // Diploma-this is meant front a center; it’s an expensive piece of paper, earned through sleepless nights with my design woman hunched over our computers for projects due at 8 a.m. Instead of paying a hundred-dollar$ on a frame, I purchased a simple black frame from Target. It looks just as good, for a lot less. // Gold frame – last season Target. I loved the geometric pattern and scale of this frame. Target is my jam.  // Brass&glass vase and brass geometric dish – Covet Home & Apparel, now  Covet Apparel. Many speculate about the trend of brass. Will it go back out? In my book, brass is my favorite color. I can dress it down with silver or dress it up with glass. // Books, books books- I am a collector and cannot wait to have a large library one day. This is just the beginning, but one book at a time I plan on being quite the competition for the libraries that fill my magazines. I have a mix between magazines, coffee table books that I read every word to, design books, Christian/self improvement books and my beautiful Anna Bond illustrated books. I will be adding her newly illustrated book to my collection sooner than later. Check out my Amazon Wish List of over 200 books. //  Brass pineapple. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and I love my home filled with loud voices and happy people.  // Wood pineapple found at Plain & Fancy. // Handmade elephant by Amani ya Juu from my mission work in Kenya. Constant reminders are important. This elephant serves as a reminder of my trips to Kenya. It’s colorful pattern and petite manor bring to mind the orphans smiles, joyful spirit and hope for the future. // Essential oil candle-White Hyssop, Clary Sage, and Peppermint Jar Candle for Clarity // Purity // Calmness via @Etsy. I have just started my own personal essential oil journey. Stay tuned. // Dried flower crown for my bridal portraits by Rachel with Stems and Things. //


 Special Moments//Sofa//

Painting by Kayla Adamik. // Rooms 2 Go microfiber sofa I purchased from a family friend. // Gold pillow from Target. // Orchid- I am a firm believer in fresh flowers. I now have 3 orchids and I hope to keep them all alive for a very long time. // Side table purchased at an antique store somewhere.. The Hollywood Regency style adds to my love for the color and texture of this bamboo table, this was my first purchase for my home and it has dictated many of my design choices. // Pineapple lamp purchased by my beloved Bracken on Etsy. // Capri Blue Jar Candle – Volcano, best smelling candle. Lighting this candle and closing your eyes is pure bliss. // SUBSCRIBE TO MAGAZINES FOCUSING ON YOUR PASSION. I have 3 subscriptions: Architectural Digest, Veranda and House Beautiful. Over the years I have had to cut down to these three and they fulfill my needs, subscriptions are much more affordable than buying each issue. // Bridal party invite from Minted, that BOTH my hosts wanted to use simultaneously (Kelsi reads my mind..).//

I love my little duplex. It’s important to let your home express YOU – but also be realistic. There is much more you can do within your budget if you keep your eyes out for treasures that fit together like puzzle pieces. I did not paint my walls and I acquired my accessories over time.

What accessory should I be on the look out for next? Let me know if you enjoyed my blog post and share!



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These pink interiors speak to me. What a bold color to bring into the home. Pantone got it right this year with their Rose Quartz color of the year and these rooms prove it. 

1. Most of you know how I feel about velvet sofas and this is not an exception. OH! The bright pink velvet calls to me! Coupled with the pink art and black and white pillows, this room is killer. // 2. Who would have ever thought a modern bright pink island could be functional and knock it out of the park? // 3. I love that the pink is brought into this room with accessories. If you don’t want to go overboard or want to see how you live with color- accessories are where it’s at! // 4. PINK COLOR BLOCKING. Brilliant. // 5. When all else fails- plant a Bougainvillea outside your house and call it a day. 
How have you been able to bring color into your home? 

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March 20, 2016 · 7:45 am

Why I kept my $16 Walmart bookcase

As I excitedly put my bookcase together, I was seeing the future – a big library one day, to house all my design books by authors who inspire me and then I looked at it. This bookcase seemed great on the front of the box… 29.6″ W x 11.6″ D x 31.6″ H with two adjustable shelves. However, these shelves were not as adjustable as expected and cannot even adjust to a way that can hold an 11″ book.. let alone any of my books. This was so frustrating to me! I may have only paid $16, but Walmart I expected more!

As I have been researching about Greene and Greene and their profound knowledge and care for woodworking and craftsmanship I felt utterly distraught. I pay high prices for my amazing design books and in this season of life need to live with a $16 bookcase (Greene and Greene would be disappointed, but I’m sure they would understand), so of course in my time of distress I went to Target and got a $17 bookcase.

Don’t worry, I am sitting typing this as the Target bookcase is sitting in the car- because I decided to keep my original bookcase. In this year of transition I have sold all my furniture and I am living with Kelsi and Anne Marie at Kelsi’s grandparent’s house as I finish up my last three design classes and I realized… This is where I am in my life and as a young designer I can make it work, and be very happy in the process.

So here is my journey of figuring out how to use a particle board bookcase and invest in the books and not the bookcase. In other news, who knew that design books I have been drooling over -Amazon has for .01? I may or may not have left space for them….


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3photo 5


photo 4photo 2-3 photo 3-2



xoxoxoxoxo A

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Through my time as an Interior Design student chandeliers have stood out to me. How can you make a room pop and stand out? I feel a chandelier will always do that. Make every room Chandalous!

Here are several photos that prove to you that you need a chandelier.


I love this Coastal Chandalier from Knotting Hill Interiors!

ImageBeautiful Closet!



This room defines my style.

Live a chandalous life.

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KIC Document


KIC Document-page-2 KIC Document-page-1

A maquette is the French word for scale model. This maquette is done is 3/8″ = 1′ and depicts a traditional bedroom! I enjoyed doing this project and learned a lot about my rendering skills.

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Building Model

It was so interesting to work on a real model. Having to cut the wood exactly, and figure out all the correct dimensioning really helped me learn! I am so blessed with my major, and quite happy to be done with my Building System and Codes class. This project helped me grow as a person and a designer. It is so wonderful to learn more and more!

Insulation – Painted Cotton Balls

Bricks – Printed to scale then mounted to create depth




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